3930 JEFFCO BLVD, ARNOLD, MO, 63010-4212 

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Reviewed by: nursejulia69 on: 2018/11/17 14:03:11
Rude owner, gross overpriced food!
Reviewed by: stace66 on: 2018/8/23 16:23:07
Food was good. However the price they charged are not what is on website. Each item is $1.00 more.
Reviewed by: tofusayg on: 2017/12/29 12:20:00
Ordered two large house/special fried rice. Very disappointed, 1 PC shrimp and other meats were rare, every 4th or 5th bite there might be a small meat or shrimp. I have better at many other Asian restaurant in same price. Will never return, second time this happened.
Reviewed by: hutchrams on: 2017-05-24
I'm 42 years old and you guys are literally the only Chinese restaurant I've EVER ordered from that upcharges for fried rice instead of white rice with your entree. $3 for that matter. That's absolutely ridiculous!!! I eat Chinese food once or twice a week too, so it's not like I just eat Chinese food every once in awhile. Not to mention you don't get anything with your lunch specials or entrees, such as an egg roll, 2 crab rangoon or soup. I don't see how you guys are even in business at all. Clearly you have no clue how it works. I know more and I'm a white caucasian. There's absolutely no way I would ever order food from you idiots if my life depended on it even. Who knows how sick I would get with how backwards you guys run your place.
Reviewed by: jaygnewman71 on: 2016-10-01
This place used to be good. Not sure what happened, but my last order was horrible. And a couple times they wouldn't even answer the phone after trying several times. They say they close at 10:30pm but no answer after 10pm. A good place going downhill like so many others. It's a shame.
Reviewed by: Giancola1976 on: 2016-08-04
Just ordered for the first time. The person over the phone and delivery girl were very polite. I had the Rangoon and General Tso and the food was fantastic. My new goto place!
Reviewed by: massage0856 on: 2016-06-08
I want a refund, I'm contacting the bbb and the media, I gave you my food back today wasn't what I ordered, and the ther food made me sick, I want a refund, call me and I will pick up the refund, or mail it to me you have my address, mail me my 19.56
Reviewed by: massage0856 on: 2016-06-08
horriblr food, been sick all day, the owe me a refund of 19.56
Reviewed by: jburnor on: 2015-07-20
Very nice people, little high on price, probably because of coupons. Bourbon chicken very over cooked and tough, crab raggon not bad, Gen two was so so, nice people, food just plain or inedible
Reviewed by: amvincent32 on: 2015-02-10
I just tried to order from here and the lady that answered the phone was nice at first. When I decided the price was too high for me and I let her know she was very rude. DO NOT RECOMMEND!
Reviewed by: jaythajuggalette18 on: 2014-12-29
Amazing food at amazing prices! This is now the ONLY Chinese food restaurant me and my family will order from. Im always surprised at how much food we get for our money, always hot and on time. Loyal customer for life!
Reviewed by: imapeppertwo on: 2014-03-31
The only Chinese restaurant we eat at. The best crab rangoon. So tender you won't just eat the middle!
Reviewed by: gcsd724 on: 2014-02-17
Two words. Bee's Knees
Reviewed by: awoelfel on: 2014-02-16
Best Chinese place to get food. Everything on the menu is excellent. I eat here at least once a week. The General Tso's Chicken is phenominal. Bottom line good food, good people.
Reviewed by: toniarichey on: 2014-02-02
always get chic with garlic sauce and seasame chcken and always the best
Reviewed by: michaelleerichey on: 2014-02-02
Eat here alot and it s the best we have a big family and all agree its the best carry out chinese we have had!
Reviewed by: kellyjoy1979 on: 2013-11-07
Great food every time, one time when i ordered they missed an order of Crab Rangoon i called back to complain and they asked me to check my receipt, so i checked it and i wasn't billed for it so i said not to worry about them. With in 15 mins they delivered a free order. Great service, wide variety on the menu. I highly recommend
Reviewed by: Lacey B. on: 1/18/2013 12:06:00 PM
The staff was friendly but the food was not at all fantastic. Everything was just off. We got steamed dumplings - they all got thrown away - not like any I have ever had before. Pork fried rice - had an odd odor. Honey chicken - edible but not good. Crab Rangoon - ok but odd wonton wrappers.
Reviewed by: slspswan on: 2013-02-21
New China is my favorite restaurant. Great food. Friendly people.
Reviewed by: Smccarter18 on: 2012-08-09
Definitely my favorite Chinese place. The sweet and sour chicken and house special fried rice are great. We drive 25 minutes away just to get their food.
Reviewed by: Erin B. on: 2005-09-02
I think they have pretty good Chinese food for the money. They do have a lot to choose from. They deliver or you can pick up or eat in. They don't have a buffet- which I wish they did. PROS: close to home CONS: no buffet ...?